December 5-6, 2019 · Berlin, Germany

The Substrate developer community conference.

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Two days to share and learn all things Substrate.

Sub0.1 once again brings together Substrate developers from around the world to Berlin on December 5-6, 2019.

Meet with fellow Substrate developers, check out what other teams are building, share your project, and learn how to build your vision with the Substrate blockchain framework.

Substrate is a user-friendly, powerful, and flexible blockchain-development framework—one that allows developers to bring new decentralized solutions to fruition faster and easier than ever before.

Sub0.1 is a place to help shape the future of Substrate and the future of decentralized applications.

Featuring talks from

Gavin Wood
Gavin Wood

Parity and Polkadot Founder

Fredrik Harrysson
Fredrik Harrysson

Parity CTO

Robert Habermeier
Robert Habermeier

Polkadot Founder

Maud Nalpas
Maud Nalpas

Software Developer, KILT Protocol

Sota Watanabe
Sota Watanabe

Founder, Plasm Network

Shawn Tabrizi
Shawn Tabrizi

Developer Experience Engineer, Parity

Adam Dossa
Adam Dossa

Head of Blockchain, Polymath

Ruitao Su
Ruitao Su

Co-Founder & CEO, Laminar

Tomasz Drwięga
Tomasz Drwięga

Core Developer, Parity


And many more…

Videos of the talks.


Betahaus Neukölln.

The event will be hosted in Berlin, one of Europe's
most vibrant creative hubs.

Betahaus Neukölln
Harzer Strasse 39
12059 Berlin, Germany

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