april 28th, 2020

Sub0 Online

the substrate developer community conference

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All Things Substrate

Join us for Sub0 Online to talk all things Substrate, the blockchain development framework.

Sub0 Online brings together blockchain developers around the world to learn and share about building innovative Web3 solutions using Substrate.

Substrate is the user-friendly, powerful, and flexible blockchain-development framework—one that allows developers to build new decentralized solutions to fruition faster and easier than ever before.

We will be taking a deep-dive into different features of Substrate and showcasing projects currently building with the blockchain framework.

Learn technical skills and tools for building better blockchain infrastructure and application solutions, and leave inspired and connected to other builders from around the world.

You can expect talks from Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, Substrate developers, and projects currently building with Substrate.

Who Should

Blockchain developers

Blockchain developers who want to learn about the technical advantages of using Substrate for their blockchain solutions.

Substrate developers

Substrate developers looking to bring their project to the next level.

Blockchain enthusiasts

Individuals interested in gaining insight into blockchain implementations and the technology behind them.


Gavin Wood
Gavin Wood

Founder, Parity and Polkadot

Fredrik Harrysson
Fredrik Harrysson

CTO, Parity

Tomasz Drwięga
Tomasz Drwięga

Core Developer, Parity

Joshy Orndorff
Joshy Orndorff

Substrate Developer, Parity

Kian Paimani
Kian Paimani

Developer, Parity

Ricardo Rius
Ricardo Rius

Substrate Developer, Parity

Phil Li
Phil Li

CEO, Obsidian Labs

Derek Yoo
Derek Yoo

CEO, Purestake

Mo Dong
Mo Dong

Co-founder, Celer Network


And more…


Time (CEST)


12:00 pm

Overview of Substrate as a Framework

12:05 pm
Fredrik Harrysson Fredrik Harrysson
CTO, Parity

Blockchain and Shared Storytelling

12:30 pm
Joshy Orndorff Joshy Orndorff
Substrate Dev, Parity

Offchain Workers Workshop

1:00 pm
  • Avatar
  • Tomasz Drwięga
Tomasz Drwięga, Igor Matuszewski, Bernhard Schuster & Rakan Al-Hneiti · Parity

Rust: Lifetimes, Traits, and Generics

1:30 pm
Maciej Hirsz Maciej Hirsz
Developer, Parity


2:00 pm

Weight Systems

2:20 pm
Gavin Wood Gavin Wood
Founder, Parity

Offchain Phragmen

2:50 pm
Kian Paimani Kian Paimani
Developer, Parity

Runtime Upgrade

3:20 pm
Ricardo Rius Ricardo Rius
Substrate Dev, Parity

Introducing Moonbeam, A Smart Contract Parachain with Ethereum Compatibility

3:50 pm
Derek Yoo Derek Yoo

Launch Your First Blockchain in 5 Minutes Using Substrate IDE

4:20 pm
Phil Li Phil Li
CEO, Obsidian Labs


4:50 pm

Blockchain for Squares

5:10 pm
Spencer Judge Spencer Judge
Transparent Systems

Bring Mass Adoption and Sustainable Developer Monetization to Every Blockchain

5:40 pm
Mo Dong Mo Dong
Co-founder, Celer Network

Substrate Builders Program

6:10 pm
Dieter Fishbein Dieter Fishbein
Web3 Foundation

Subsocial: A Decentralized Community for Polkadot EcosystemLightning Talk

6:20 pm
Alex Siman Alex Siman

How to Build Future Internet of TokensLightning Talk

6:30 pm
Bree Yin Bree Yin

How to Balance Staking Liquidity and
High YieldLightning Talk

6:40 pm
Avatar Bunny Nie

The Web3 Confidentiality LayerLightning Talk

6:50 pm
Avatar Hang Yin
Phala Network

Extracting Value from OrbitLightning Talk

7:00 pm
Matej Nemcek Matej Nemcek

Anonymous CredentialsLightning Talk

7:10 pm
  • Avatar
  • Avatar
Albrecht Weiche & Willam Freudenberger · KILT

Substrate Ideas Lab

7:20 pm
  • Avatar
  • Fredrik Harrysson
Fabian Gompf, Shawn Tabrizi & Fredrik Harrysson · Parity


8:00 pm

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